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Down by the Bay is Available to Read on Amazon Kindle!

Good afternoon!

Exciting news! Down by the Bay is officially available to read on Amazon Kindle! It was originally published on The Write Launch last September; however, I made recent updates and tweaks to it to prepare it for publication on Amazon Kindle. It's only $1.99.



Luellen Temperance fled from her small hometown of Duckett, Louisiana at the age of sixteen. She is haunted by the memories of her best friend Tessie's drowning at Hangman's Bay six years ago, for which she was wrongly blamed for. Now thirty, Luellen lives paycheck to paycheck working at a small casino in Atlanta, Georgia. Her comfortable life is shattered however, when she receives a letter from her mother begging her to come home, telling her there is something Luellen needs to know.

Luellen reluctantly returns back home, sharing an emotional reunion with her mother and facing the townsfolk and the boy who got away that she had left behind. But, as the twentieth anniversary of Tessie's death looms ahead, Luellen still fights with a long buried secret. Something she never told anyone, something that has made her feel extreme guilt.

As Luellen reconnects with her past, the memories of that night flood back to her. The questions she has so desperately wanted answered gnaw at her. Can she be forgiven? But most importantly, can she forgive herself?


I am so excited for this story to be on Amazon! I am extremely proud of it and I hope everyone can check it out and enjoy!

<3 Rebecca

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